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ESL and IELTS Director of Instruction
VLI Director of Instruction

ESL Offerings:  604-986-3718

We bring our ESL tutor services to you, combining online and face-to-face education. VLI offers private small group K-12, Business, Adult and IELTS tutor specials in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Vancouver's Downtown. 

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VLI's Genre-based Categories:


Business and Academic English at C$120/hr

IELTS at C$90/hr

K-12 at C$60/hr

Note: Instructional locations are flexible and based on agreed arrangements.


K-12 Activity Based ESL:


K-12  Activity Based learning is based on sound educational principles, where each child is assessed on their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) as first defined by Vygotsky the famous Russian developmental psychologist and linguist.

K-12 Activity Based ESL