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Welcome to my professional ePortfolio. I am retired, but continue to be certified and interested in possible new challenges. I am an activity-focused and task-focused ELL/Generalist educator, with additional qualifications in Tech. Ed. and TESL.

Link: RetireLet

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This ePortfolio has been compiled as an assigned project within the University of British Columbia’s  Faculty of Education’s capstone course (ETEC 590) for their Master’s of Education Technology (MET) program at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. Completion was in May 2017. 

My intent with this ePortfolio is to transcend my MET involvement in order to continue and maintain this ePortfolio over the coming years as a compilation of my varied professionally relevant experiences, both as a record of achievement and as a formative source for personal reflection on my ongoing professional growth trajectory as a life-long learner.

You will find that embedded within this overall presentation there is special mention of MET due to UBC’s ETEC 590 requirements, but also much more, all to inform on what has evolved my particular interest in task-based Activity Theory (Leont’ev), Tasks Based Collaboration, and Multi-Literacies/Intelligences, (covering early literacy, literature studies, ESL/EFL. Practical hands-on literacies include digital spaces and coding.)

I first documented and researched my interest in task-based learning for a Master’s in Education (ENED) in the early 1990s as very much in tune with my personal conviction in the value of collaborative activities and tasks as enduring educational imperatives.

Proprietary online cohort collaboration portal link.

(Note: This portal was designed and developed by myself.)

My current certifications:

BC Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate (Current 2019/2020)

Three-year diploma in Mechanical Technology (The Netherlands – 1965)

Diploma in Arts and Science (VCC) – 1968

B.Ed. – Bachelor of Education  Elementary – 1973 (UBC) Additional studies in Secondary and Adult Education.

Link: UBC Elementary/Secondary ESL Certification :   

BC Secondary Certificate in Technology Education  – 1990 (BCIT/UBC Industrial Arts) My special interest is in generating practical technical collaborative contexts with the intent of developing interactive reflection and purposeful task mediation.


Link: Letter of Clarification: BCIT0002

M.Ed. (ENED) in English Education (TESL) Secondary/Adult – 1993 (UBC). 


Link: MajorPaperUBC

Link: Task and Language

UBC Certificate in Distance Education – 2016 



Adult ESL TESL Canada Certification – 2012 (Permanent Professional Standard 3 ).


Link: UCLESlocalsecretary – University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate.

Link:  PlarTESLCA0001

MET – Masters in Education Technology (2017)

Link:  M.E.T.0001


B-Level Testing Certificate (SD#36)

My Current Active Professional Teaching Certification in BC is:  L006272 valid through 2020+ (Active and in good standing.)

My design of a flexible open-source-based online collaboration architecture:

Link:  My Major M.Ed. Paper at UBC: As early as 1993, this Major Paper reflected my interest in Activity- and Task-Based language learning.


  • Highly experienced in ELL program planning, instruction, and the design of associated International student services.
  • 10-years experience as an LST team member. (B-Level testing certificate SD#36)
  • Experienced as a Generalist in grades 4-12 + Adults.
  • Experienced in Tech.Ed. teaching Woodwork, Metal-work, Mechanics and Drafting.
  • Management and consulting experience in the design of international pathways for students. Currently, privately involved in online student pathways development between a Canadian and Vietnam university.

General Information:

You will find within the following linked pages, by inference, a story of how my varied international life experiences have conditioned my views on authentic experiential education. You will also find pages where the content may seem random due to the nature of this ePortfolio being a live document with an ongoing collection of artifacts. This is especially so within the domain of research and pedagogy theory. Such randomness is due to my needing to ‘house’ content online until I can find a home, after further reflection, and subsequently collate the collected data within the overall framework of this ePortfolio. 

A suitable metaphor for the organisation of this ePortfolio might very well be a hermeneutical spiral as kindly suggested by my ETEC professor at UBC, Francis Feng, PhD.  Though the appearance may be one of a ‘black hole’, I am sure my professor realizes the spiral does, in fact, lead to a central thesis and focus; the centrality being of Activity Theory within a preferred social-constructivist pedagogy.